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Thinking Of Buying Made In China Acrylic Frames? Don’t.

Thinking of buying made in China acrylic frames for your wedding or special event? Don’t waste your money. Think one time buy. Most of you will only be buying your photo booth frames once. There are literally tens of thousands of cheaply made imported acrylic frames being dumped into the market and being resold by re-sellers, especially on Amazon’s market place (find that one non fake, 1 star honest review of the frame). Made in China frames yellow, crack over time, are cheaply made from very thin cloudy acrylic, tip over and occasionally we come across imported frames advertised as acrylic but are styrene frames, a very cloudy type of plastic used to save a few pennies by China manufactures and being passed into the USA market as acrylic. Re-sellers usually have no idea it’s not acrylic as they have no knowledge of what they actually sell as they do not make their own products. China manufactures are experts at cheapening out every penny of the acrylic that it becomes almost unusable for what its made for.