Photo Booth Frames

Picture Frame Freshness Guaranteed: A Peek Inside Our Workshop

Behold! Our acrylic picture frames are always in stock, fresher than a cucumber at a farmer's market. Why? Because we're a just-in-time manufacturer - a modern-day Santa's workshop if you will. This means we make everything we sell, and we're not just a middleman distributor, but a true-blue manufacturer. Unlike those big-box store online purchases, our picture frames haven't been lounging around, developing wrinkles or turning into a shade of "vintage" yellow.

We're the ultimate frame-making wizards, creating any quantity you desire - from a lonely single frame to a whole army of thousands! Just remember, while we're super speedy, we're not actual magicians. So, order in time and give us a moment to work our magic. We do make what we sell, but we need a wee bit of time to whip up your frame fantasies!

Now, let's talk about the crème de la crème of our collection - the fabulous 2x6 acrylic frames! Available in both magnetic and tabletop slanted designs, they're the perfect accessory for your photo booth rental favors. Honestly, these frames are more popular than cats on the internet!

These two top sellers are like the Batman and Robin of the framing world, always ready to swoop in and save the day (or, you know, make your photos look super snazzy). Don't miss the chance to wow your guests with these showstoppers - because, let's be honest, who doesn't love a good dynamic duo to showcase their unforgettable moments?


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