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Free Photo Booth Frame Inserts

Free insert templates are now available with every 2 x 6 size frame order (excluding Econ Series)

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FTC requirements for imported products

FTC requirements for imported products are very clear and must be followed to avoid fines and jail time

If it is an imported product, a sticker stating were it was manufactured is required by law on each frame, not just on a box.. An “example of fraudulent practices involving imports include removing a required foreign origin label before the product is delivered to the ultimate purchaser (with or without the improper substitution of a Made in USA label) and failing to label a product with a required country of origin.” (quoted from the FTC website)

Please remember if you are a re-seller, you will be held legally responsible for making sure all laws are followed. That could put you at risk of heavy fines and or jail time. So always make sure your supplier follows all import laws.

Our products come with a Made in USA guarantee

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You Get What You Pay For

We have noticed a new batch of frames that sell for a little less than ours on Ebay and Etsy. Please remember you get what you pay for. They say that they are sturdy but at a little more than the thickness of a soda bottle how can they be? . Do you really want your guests to go away from your event with a product that can never match the importance of your event. How will that reflect on you?

These new frames are far less durable than ours. Most likely made from reprocessed soda bottles and will not withstand any long term use. Made in China by companies that will never pay their workers a livable wage. Most likely made in unsafe and dangerous conditions and in some cases by children.

All our products are made proudly in the USA and have been for over 50 years. Made from the highest quality non reprocessed pure acrylic.

Is a few pennies saved worth the embarrassment of using an imported inferior frame that your guests will most likely just throw away when they get home. Or are your memories of such an important event worth a few pennies more for a frame that will last a lifetime?

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Vinyl bookmark sleeves

HEALTH WARNING. Before you purchase those cheap Vinyl bookmark sleeves to hold your photo booth photos, please watch the health warning about the dangers of Vinyl. Is it worth the danger to save a few cents. We stopped using vinyl molding materials over 35 years ago. We value the health of our workers and will never use or sell a product made from this extremely dangerous material.

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Made in the USA. Found on many websites

Made in the USA. Found on many websites but is it really made in the USA? Unless they give you a certificate of origin with your shipment can you really be sure that it was made in the USA. Not just some misleading text on their website. We guarantee that our products are made in the USA and we put our signature on the certificate. Ask before you buy. Ask for a signed certificate of origin with your shipment.